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Flex-Head G2™ Golf Tees

Lifetime Guarantee

Flex-Head G2's are guaranteed against breakage, for life. If you break one, just send it back, and we will replace it, postage on us. Please tell us how you did it, as that will definitely be worth reading. G2's being used every day by PGA professionals have reached an amazing 14,000 hits without breaking, and counting. Every aspect of the Flex-Head G2™ design was carefully contemplated. Flex-Head G2's are made from a special, high-performance polymer that provides exceptional durability and impact resistance with rubber-like flexibility. The material also exhibits unmatched abrasion resistance, withstanding the impact forces of drivers and irons with little or no wear. Our high quality tees are made 100% in the USA. USGA approved.

Consistent Heights For Legitimate Game Improvement

Centeredness of Contact

 We know that some believe a straight tee is better because it allows you to vary the height for course conditions such as wind. That in itself is the problem. It is difficult to tee a ball consistently on its own, much less teeing the ball lower or higher consistently when the need arises. It creates another area of induced variability and inconsistency. PGA of America Professional Steve Schaff says “Having precise tee height options allows for repeatable centeredness of contact, impact consistency and can be measured with clubface tape, marking spray, or dry erase markers, helping determine which tee height is right for your swing tendencies, characteristics, and shot selection types. The results of using Flex-Head tees provides the opportunity for greater distance, improved accuracy, and ultimately lower scores. The fact they are unbreakable and guaranteed for life is a major bonus.”

Durable AND Flexible - Not an Easy Combination

Considerable engineering development was spent on the unique design of the Flex-Head G2™. It is far easier to design an unbreakable tee using materials with ultra high impact strength, sacrificing low-resistance "flexibility" during impact with the clubface. Flex-Head G2's were designed to deliver ultra-high impact strength and rubber-like flexibility in one design.

The "compression relief holes" that make up the upper shaft provide unique bending moment recesses that allow durable material to flex without breaking or creating areas of stress leading to fatigue. In conjunction with the tapered shaft, the G2 can undergo thousands of club impacts without breaking. The material's flexural modulus properties allow the tee shaft to "snap flex" almost imperceptibly during impact. Low resistance imparts no deflection of the clubface during impact. The G2's polymer material is also completely impact-mark free.

Animations showing the "Flex" in our Flex-Head Tees: (click on image to start)


Club hitting ball off Flex-Head G2™ tee
Flex-Head G2™ tee flexing, real-time
Flex-Head G2™ tee flexing, slow-motion

"Stay-in-the-Ground" Design

 We designed the entire tee to flex, not just the upper shaft portion. The bottom "fluted stake" that is inserted into the ground, though stiff, has been designed to "give" slightly during impact as well. The "fluted design" increases surface area in contact with the ground to improve hold, just like a tent stake, keeping the tee in place more often than not depending on impact severity. The tip of the stake is also specially designed to provide less deflection during insertion into the ground, especially in harder soil. Because the entire tee is designed to "give" during impact, using the ball to push the tee into the ground will not work. The thumb-recessed shoulder provides an easy method for tee insertion. (See illustration on the "Tips" blog page). Although we have designed the G2 to stay put, it will come out of the ground under normal use. Because of the "Snap-Flex" in the G2's, when they do come out of the ground they usually land behind where they were teed, but occasionally land in front, based on the length of the tee and severity of impact. We chose nice bright colors to help locate the tees when they do come out. Even brighter colors are coming soon! (see them on our "What's New" page)



Easy to Tee

The tripod ball seat area has been designed with a broad, recessed head, to allow easy ball placement. Because the Flex-Head G2™ will flex out of the way, why not create a nice broad ball seat area, wider than almost all tees, so teeing the ball is easier? Like a three legged stool, the ball centers itself during placement. For 2015, we are increasing the already easy set seat wider by over 40% to make the G2 much more tolerant to tees that are inserted not quite straight and make forgiveness of teeing the ball almost "flop it on" easy. 


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