Player's Pack (Yellow)


The Player’s Pack contains one of each size tee in the Flex-Head arsenal or a total of eight (8) tees, including our new 4” tall Long Drive Tee and our new G3-NS for PAR 3 holes or Woods/Hybrids. It’s also discounted 20% from the cost of purchasing them individually. We recommend the Player’s Pack for first time customers as it allows you to figure out which tees work best for you. Once measured, purchasing individual tees is easy. We will soon offer excellent discounts there as well.

The Player’s Pack’s are available in all (5) of our Brilliant Colors. Optic Yellow, Optic Orange, Bright Pink, Bright Red and Bright White. (covers: long drive, driver, drivers, hybrid, hybrids, 3 woods, fairway wood, 3 metal, woods, long irons, short irons, short iron, wedges, Par 3)

Size Guide
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