First reported hole-in-one with a Flex-Head G2™ tee!

April 01, 2012

My first hole in one 3-31-11. Hole 2, 222 yds at Shepherds Meadow Golf Course, Poynette WI. This hole is normally a 239 yard par 4. Because of early season course conditions the tee ground has been moved and marked. My range finder had the pin at 222 yds. The green is fronted by a berm with a slope of about 4 ft down to the green. My playing partner and I searched for my ball which had last been seen rolling toward the green. The ball was not seen on or around the green. My partner putted out while I continued my search. My partner said 'I found your ball!' I asked where and he pointed to the cup and said 'right here.' My ball was indeed in the cup. I was using a Flex-Head G2-200 tee that I had purchased at the Madison Golf Expo. Was the tee the reason for the hole in one? I don't know but I never had a hole in one prior to the use of the G2-200. Thought you would like to know.

-Michael Matteson

Thanks for the story Michael, and congratulations! And we say, yes, it was indeed the tee that was the reason for the hole in one!

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