Is it “really” unbreakable?
A: It's warranted against breakage. It can be broken, but it’s extremely rare. About 1 in 6,500 in use results in a break.

If I break it, how do I get a new one?
A: Just send us the broken tee and we will promptly send you a new one. We will pick up the postage.

Why can’t I use the ball to insert the tee?
A: Because the tee is “Flexible” and designed to give when impacted. The shorter tees can be inserted using the ball (G3-100, G3-50, G3-NS). The height shoulder is nice and wide for the purpose of inserting the tee into the ground. It has a nice point indicating which way the tee is oriented correctly for flex with the holes towards your target.

Why are there holes in the tee?
A: The holes are part of the design aspect of the “snap-flex” low resistance shaft. They provide compression relief so the resistance to bending is reduced. Point the holes towards your target. The G3 has a nice pointer on the shoulder showing the correct orientation for maximum low resistance flex.

Does the tee always stay put with the fluted stake?
A: Not always. The G3 does give you feedback. If the tee hasn’t moved, it’s likely you have good sweet spot contact as little deflection has occurred. If the tee flies out, it’s likely more of the shaft was in contact with the club face and the bending moment was increased. If it flies out, it will be located directly in front or behind you 90% of the time.

How long does it take to ship an order?
A: We usually ship within one day.

Can I custom logo special order tees?
A: Not currently, but we are working on it.

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