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Flex-Head G3-50 Wood/Hybrid Tee

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Create your own Custom Pack of Flex-Head tees, any size, any color. The perfect way to purchase only the tees you use. Please note: there is a four tee minimum per order.  

The G3-50 is 2.00” in overall height. From the shoulder, the ball is 0.50” high. The G3-50 would be considered to fall in the High/Mid height range for Woods or Hybrids. Depends on personal  preference. That range would be the G3-100, G3-50 and possibly the G3-NS. If you are using tees that are typically 1.00” in length, this is likely the tee you would choose.

The G3-50 works well for Woods and Hybrids, but it’s also a great tee for long/short irons as well. It can take a serious beating for years. It is one of our most popular tees. Our PGA Professional, and our VP of Sales, Steve Schaff will be talking about his use of the G2-50 as well in an upcoming blog. (Covers: hybrid, hybrids, 3 wood, fairway wood, woods, long iron)

Overall Tee Length: 2.00”
Ball Height: 0.50” (above ground)
Stake Length: 1.50”
Ball Set Dia. 0.60” Dia.
Equivalent 1.00" wood or plastic tee
Compression Relief Holes: None

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Size Chart
Tee Size Chart
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