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A Golf Tee Changed My Life. Guaranteed Unbreakable for Life? Right...

by Steve Schaff August 31, 2016


As a long time PGA Professional walking through the golf products jungle known as the PGA Merchandise Show for the 25th year in a row, it was unlikely anything was going to really catch my eye other than a long lost friend or some super fancy golf Queen. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a small colorful Banner that read G2 Flex-Head Performance Golf Tees “Guaranteed Unbreakable for Life”.  As a very busy PGA Teaching Professional, teeing up most all of my students shots because of questionable sandy turf, and having to deal with the long standing chronic results of broken golf tees everywhere, I had to check it out.

The helpful young mid-western girl working the small booth simply offered me two tees, a short yellow tee, and a longer blue one. I asked, “Are they truly unbreakable?” She said, “Guaranteed, or my uncle the inventor will replace the one you send back to him.” “He should return shortly”.  It was towards the end of the show and I needed to beat Orlando traffic, so I grabbed a business card from the table and went on my way. It was funny though, I kept reaching in my pocket, having to check out the tees again and again. Call me goofy, but they really got my attention because they were cool looking, and potentially valuable, especially if they were unbreakable.


As a professional educator, OK, golf instructor, I had to know more. I went on line to and knew this was no ordinary golf tee. I had to get to the practice tee. As you can anticipate, as I know you as a golfer would, I did my best to put the tee to the test and destroy both tees. Hey, I might be a Senior Professional, but I still have 108 mph driver swing speed and can smash an impact zone and whatever happens to be there. Break the tees? No chance, unless the leading edge of my 5 iron was customized by Gillette.

Using the tees with my students was great research. The “little yellow tee” the G2-50, now affectionately known as “Goldie”, absorbed, after doing some math calculating number of lesson with average numbers of swings, resulted in around 14000 hits. I had already ordered on line a “G2 Players Pack” with the six varying tee heights but knew it was time to call the inventor to thank and encourage him for making my golf experiences better, less expensive and more fun. I would actually catch myself laughing while students abused “Goldie” with violent hacks and chops only to re-tee another attempt at improvement. The durability alone sold me.


“Brilliant” I just had to call him. It was enjoyable thanking Mark for providing me with such a great every day golf product and teaching tool. It was amazing the level of intelligence that went into the making and producing the original G2 Flex-Head Tees and Mark’s willingness to tell how and why he did it. Now, as friends and business partners, the feedback from thousands of users, and the results of our collective evaluations and contributions to the improvement of the G2 Tees, Mark has produced the G3 Series Performance Golf Tees, the best tees in the world and in golf history. Today we can confidently share the updated playability and technological features and benefits, and all golfers can personally experience The G3 Flex-Head Performance Golf Tee Advantage.



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Steve Schaff
Steve Schaff


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