The New G3's

The New G3's

by Mark Gruenwald August 31, 2016

Innovation is the life blood of any company. Developing a game changing golf tee among the already immense tee options on the market could be considered delusional. It could also be viewed as exceptional if successful. The G2 series set the bar for design innovation and endurance. G2’s have survived over 20,000 hits. The majority of them serve their owners for years. When lost, things get ugly. We have heard that story many times. Such is the loyalty that the G2 has earned. But we keep raising the bar.


We take pride in the way we operate. Take care of the customer and they will take care of you. We take pride in offering a no gimmick Lifetime Warranty against breaking. No lawyer jargon. No BS. Just a simple promise..

“If you break it, we replace it…For Life”™

Pretty straight forward. Pretty simple. We’ll pay for shipping as well. In case you are wondering we have replaced about 0.001% of the tees sold over three years. We’d like to think that’s pretty amazing. So why change it? Excellent point. Because every design can be improved and we get anxious about innovation.


Our customers have very few complaints about our G2 tees. Very few. But they were kind enough to help us improve an already great product. So we listened. Besides losing the tee (sorry, no warranty there) they suggested a larger ball set. So we made it as large as practical while maintaining the tees durability. The ball set is almost 50% larger in area than the G2. It’s also reinforced for strength. As the inventor, and having used G2’s since early prototypes, I can honestly say it is a significant improvement. The ball literally can be flopped on the tee. It is very accommodating to a tee that is not inserted straight. There is no change in the low resistance of the ball release as the ball is always impacted first and is on its way before the club contacts the tee. The “Tri-Pod” set method creates literally no interference.


The tee shaft was also increased in thickness, overall by 20%, to accommodate a wider ball set. This makes the tee even stronger than before. Yet, because of the extraordinary polymer that we use, the “Snap-Flex” is unchanged. The “fluted” stake was shortened slightly and made stiffer. This has increased the tees ability to accommodate hard soil. The surface of the tee is now glossy. It makes the tees look cool yes, but it also aids in keeping soil from sticking to the shaft.


The height shoulder represents a significant aspect of the G2 and G3 design. It was the primary driver behind the original development of the tee to start with. The largest inconsistency is teeing a golf ball correctly to the same height. The shoulder eliminates that issue. It is also the largest issue that can change your game. Our VP of Global Sales, PGA Professional Steve Schaff, will be writing many of our future blogs. He will explain in greater detail the importance of Consistent Tee Heights, the concept of “Centeredness of Contact” and how Flex-Head tees address that important aspect of game improvement. The shoulder has a “Pointer” which shows you which way to point the tee when inserting it into the ground. Always point the arrows towards your target. This makes the “Bending Relief Holes” in the shaft align correctly. The tee will work just fine in any position, but the low resistance “Snap-Flex” is achieved with the holes toward the target.


We listened. Bright colors. And get rid of the green. Green is gone.

Any color for Any tee size. We listened.

We put considerable effort into choosing the RIGHT bright colors. Not an easy task. The Fluorescent or “Optic” Yellow and Orange were easy. That “Optic Yellow” is a popular option for today’s golf balls. The “Optic Orange” is a close second. We love bright red so we kept that. White is a traditional golf tee color (for golf balls too) and it really is an easy tee to find if the white is bright. We think ours is. Pink. Our favorite new color. Ladies represent almost 50% of our customers and they requested pink for a long time. We will also be coming out in the near future with a set of colors just for the ladies. In the mean time, here are the new G3 color choices:

Optic Yellow
Optic Orange
Bright Red
Bright Pink
Bright White


The G3-NS and the Long Drive G3-250. Two excellent additions to the Flex-Head arsenal. The G3-NS stands for “No Shoulder." Think of it as the G3-50 without the shoulder. It’s perfect for teeing “way down” on Par 3 holes. It can easily be adjusted to a height above the G3-50 as well. It closes the low tee gap. Innovation is the key. the G3-NS still has a nice wide “Tri-Pod” ball set (less than the others) but easy to tee. It’s also just as durable. The hard part for golfers will be remembering to pick it up. A habit gained from using broken tee pieces. Don’t worry, we plan on offering a “Par 3 Pack” in the near future. Large quantity of just the G3-NS as a nice discount.

The G3-250 is the longest tee available while still living within the USGA rules. It’s 4.0” overall in length with 2.50” above ground ball set height. This is truly a “Long DriveTee”. It doesn’t need to be inserted to the height shoulder either. So 2.50” above ground can be 3.0” if desired. You decide. If you like to “Let it fly” this is the tee for you.

Mark Gruenwald
Mark Gruenwald


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